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Welcome to Automation & Knowledge Laboratory!

Automation & Knowledge Laboratory is a new laboratory that started in April 2020.
We are developing a robot system that can recognize the real world and learn intelligent behavior through machine learning.


  • Apr.2021: Asako Kanezaki was awarded the Research Encouragement Award of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers!
  • Mar.2021: Our paper "Unsupervised Learning of Image Segmentation Based on Differentiable Feature Clustering" got the Telecom Technology Student Award. Congrats Wonjik Kim!
  • Dec.2020: Our paper "Incremental Multi-view Object Detection from a Moving Camera" was accepted to ACM Multimedia Asia 2020!
  • Nov.2020: Our paper "Deep Reactive Planning in Dynamic Environments" was accepted to CoRL'20!
  • Jul.2020: Our paper of "Unsupervised Image Segmentation" was accepted to IEEE TIP!
  • Jul.2020: Our paper of "Efficient Exploration in Constrained Environments" was accepted to IEEE IROS'20!
  • Apr.2020: I started my own laboratory at Tokyo Institute of Technology as an associate professor!
  • Our paper "Visual Object Search by Learning Spatial Context" was accepted to IEEE RA-L with ICRA'20 presentation!
  • Our paper of "RotationNet" was accepted to IEEE TPAMI!
  • Our paper of "Salient object detection on hyperspectral images" was accepted to IEEE ICASSP'19!
  • I wrote a book chapter (Chapter 2) in "Multimodal Scene Understanding: Algorithms, Applications and Deep Learning."
  • I gave an invited talk at the 2nd International Workshop on Symbolic-Neural Learning (SNL-2018).
  • Our paper of "RotationNet" was accepted to IEEE CVPR'18!
  • My paper of "unsupervised image segmentation" was accepted to IEEE ICASSP'18!
  • Our paper of "GOSELO" was accepted to IEEE ICRA'18 presentation!
  • Our paper of "GOSELO" was accepted to IEEE RA-L!
  • I got the first prize at Task 1 in the SHREC2017 Large-scale 3D Shape Retrieval from ShapeNet Core55 Challenge!
  • I got the first prize at the SHREC2017 RGB-D Object-to-CAD Retrieval Contest!